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Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
You ignored the voters at the bottom of that list, then ?

They^, LBJ and KD, weren't playing on either of Phil's teams, dummy. Jeez, what a goof you are.

SO, your final answer to the question,, "No. No I can't" Got it.

You fail.

Younger (not young anymore ) punk trying to move the goalposts and declare victory
I didn't say they were, dummy. You are really struggling with comprehension lately. I said using your moronic logic 2-5 of the currently listed top 50 would no longer be considered great because Kobe, LeBron and Durant and a handful of others would bump them. Does that mean those 2-5 bumped off are no longer great talents? Nah. They were still great talents.

Nah. Let's take a look at what you originally said.

Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
He's not succeeded as a coach without an alpha like MJ or Kobe to set the tone
And I pointed to his successful 1993-94 season with Pippen, who is not an alpha like MJ or Kobe.

You fail.
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