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Since girls’ soccer went to 3 divisions in 2011, the semi-finalists and champion schools in D3 have been:

Public: Archbold, Ontario, Oak Harbor, Ottawa Glandorf, Kirtland, Chippewa (2), Grandview Hts, Lynchburg Clay

Private: Laurel, Bishop Fenwick (3), Summit Country Day (4), Hawken (2), Badin (2), Elyria Catholic, Gilmour, Cincinnati Country Day

Champions have all been Private in D3: Summit Country Day (2), Bishop Fenwick, Badin (2), Gilmour

15 times a private school made the final four and 9 times a public school made it. All 6 times, the championship has been won by a private school.

The region with Archbold, Ontario, Oak Harbor, Ottawa Glandorf and Chippewa has always produced a Public final four team. (I am guessing no small Private schools good in soccer in their region).

However, in next year’s Competitive Balance formula, of the Privates, only Summit Country Day (146 upped to 183) and Elyria Catholic (143 upped to 180) will be D3.

For Publics, Ontario and Oak Harbor moved up to D2 previously and stayed. All others will be D3 next year.

Moving 5 good private soccer programs (Bishop Fenwick, Hawken, Baden, Gilmour, Cincinnait Country Day) will make D2 more of a challenge.
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