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Originally Posted by Sykotyk View Post

*-light blue are independent cities I've been to, dark blue are counties I've been to. Reddish colored are independent cities I haven't been to yet.
The four counties are:

Orange, and the three-in-a-row: Buckingham, Cumberland, and Powhatan.

The five independent cities are:
DC metro:
Manassas Park

And further south both close to each other:
Buena Vista

I plan to get the rest the next time I drive to or from Florida. Probably next summer or falls is my guess. Have one more county in Maryland that bugs me because it's not the easiest to reach (US301 does run through it), but it's on Delmarva, so basically have to plan to drive there one time just to get it.
That's funny. I live in Fairfax Cty, about 10 min from Fairfax City and 20 min from Manassas/Manassas Park