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Clemson has some young talent but losing all but one starter (LB) on defensive front 7 hurts. However, if Clemson can get past Texas A&M (return 3 on each side) they should roll the ACC.

Clemson has been very good recently but they have a ways to go to be mentioned with Bama. One could make a case for Bama being the top team in the country over the past decade. It has taken some special teams under some special circumstances to beat Bama in that timeframe.

Bama returns more talent this year than they have the past 3 years (7 and 7) and of course the cupboard is always full. Most Bama back-ups, most years, would be starting at almost any other institution in the country. Bama also returns an established QB and the "pundits" have Clemson ahead of them at #1 in the polls which takes a bit of heat off you even though everyone plays Bama like #1.

The media is high on Georgia but the Bulldogs lost a ton and only return 3 guys on each side of the ball. LSU should be second only to Bama but expect Auburn and Florida to push.

I'd expect UM to beat OSU prior to the Fields transfer but now I consider it a toss up. UM has the game at home and returns a quality QB for the first time in Harbaugh's tenure there. B10 darkhorse is MSU. Return everyone but schedule is tough and they need Lewerke to be the Lewerke of two seasons ago not last season.

Nationally people keep talking about Texas but I do not think they beat Oklahoma. Oklahoma returns 7 guys on offense (counting Hurts) and 8 on defense from a pretty good team last season.

Oregon and Utah should be the Pac12 contenders. Herbert is a great QB and the Ducks return his entire oline and some weapons at WR. Utah run game will be great and their D gets even better with the Penn State LB transferring in.