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Originally Posted by Man Up View Post
NOT, I never said anything about killer personal, but we have very good talent and there should be no more excuses, like you are making with that statement. I know I dont need to tell you magic ron how much div l players we put out on a yearly. so what i am hearing you say is that we dont have the talent and skill players to compete this year, expecting too much.

well, thats part of the problem, no expectations and excuses for our ww program, and part of the issues over the last 5 years has been our coaches and how they prepare our young men and our discipline. I expect ww to be very good this year, we have alot of skills players returning and i dont think that alot to ask for, maybe it's about time that people start being held accountable.

im just waiting on ww posters to say, well were young, etc, etc. no enough of that, we have plenty of upperclassman that have played alot of football on the varsity level, we have soph who play important for us that will be juniors, juniors that will be seniors, etc.

i know the dominque browns of the world are not walking through the doors or the daniel cages of the world, we still have very good players period and we should expect to our program to win and make the playoffs.

NO more EXCUSES, come on Don say with me, you can do it, lol.

No need to get hostile. We are on the same team. I agree with a lot of what you're saying. I'm not making excuses for anything, just sharing what I see. The difference between excuses and reasons is the emotional state of the listener. I don't make excuses, I give reasons. The coaching has been subpar and the personnel not as good as you think, especially in the oline and at QB (We do have the QB now But not the oline). I will say that we had better personnel than every team we played last season (about even with LaSalle) but not better coaching.
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