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well here is my two cents for 2017

QB- we have mayberry who can pass( when accurate) but is not fluid with his feet.
QB-we have prince who can run, but not a great passer. however, i like him alot because he can move the ball dual threat.
if our offense is struggling moving the ball, i hope the coaches dont wait to make a switch.

with prince, beacham, gannaway, there is too much talent and speed for us not to move the ball, we shoud be able to get the ball in these guys hands and let them go to work.

with williams in the backfield, very skilled, hard runner, explosive for his youthfulness, there should be no excuses

our offensive line will need to play big and focus on assignment football


oats, booker, chapman will/should anchor our front seven, these 3 guys will play well and make big plays,

smith will be a 3 yr starter at corner and i like him although he took too many chances last yr and got burnt a couple of times.

i really really like gamble,he has all the physical tools, good size, nice speed, and reaction time, he should be able to really help cement our secondary

yes once again we have a very tough schedule, probably top 20 schedule in state, but with our teams over the years, we should be able to compete well, we need to start off fast and get some wins early.

we once again like the past yrs have way too much divison I college football talent to not make post season, i expect us to be in the playoffs

no more excuses for our coaches nor free passes, we should be better on the field without a doubt.

and please please please, who ever calls the plays, can you be more creative and play calling and for the last time, ? maybe last time, please change the snap count often to keep defenses on their toes.

you see what happen when you did change it up, offside and a free 5 yds for us. other defenses were in our backfield quickly and often because you went on the same count play after play. really, are you kidding me.

my own motto this year is NO MORE EXCUSES, we are too good to play this bad, you call good plays, use more defensive blitz from the edge from time to time and play good fundamental and discipline football, what excuses to we have.

lets show up and show out,
im out
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