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Originally Posted by tmikusa View Post
Anyone notice no Graham JH state champs this year. Unusual. With 7 seniors graduating for Graham this year, seems like they have finally come upon lean times. As far as I know, the lack of JH talent and so many seniors has never happened before at Graham.
Iím sure Coach Jordan being unsure if heís coaching next year in interviews with Zeb canít be helping. When is Bo moving back to St Paris and taking up the mantle lol. It does seem that both Graham and St Edís have a lot lot fewer names on Boroís list than usual.

Still I wouldnít mind my school having ďlean timesĒ ala Graham with a returning state champ, 2 returning state 2ndís, a state 3rd, a state 7th placer, a state 8th placer, and a freshman state qualifier. And oh by the way thatís not even counting Jeffrey Thomas, a former state finalist, or Nolan Gessler a Jr High state finalist.
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