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Originally Posted by Crusaders View Post
Sickle cell an adaptation to malaria, I believe. And it's also found in Caucasian populations.
Crusaders the occurrence of "adaptations" in human populations has in fact led to differences between groups with respect to the human genome. However uncomfortable it makes people feel there is substantial evidence that natural selection has led to regional differences in the human genome. Net, there is a biological reality to racial differences.

While its true that all humans have the same set of genes, slight and subtle genetic differences from one race to another are expressed in the various forms of a gene (alleles) which are impacted by selection pressures (I'm probably fumbling the explanation here but this is what I understand the research in this area to be saying). It's important to note that this type of research rejects the notion of racial "superiority" in all it's ugly forms but does indicate that genetic differences between races are real and in such areas as health care, important.

Oh and I apologize if my post is viewed as a "micro aggression" that has assaulted the "safe zone" of the more fragile readers of Yappi.
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