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Originally Posted by Scrumper View Post
Well, well, well. This was not a men against boys affair at all. In fact, If I had to go to the judges cards, it would be a unanimous decision that Coffman won. When the ones were out there, Coffman out scored Desales 2, zip. Coffman, I believe out gained Desales on the ground. But, Desales big back did not run many plays. Coffman, out gained Desales through the air. And if turnovers were counted, Desales layed the ball on the ground 3 or 4 times. Coffman threw 1 interception.
Coffman's Offensive line played better than Tuesday's scrimmages, but still has a ways to go. Some O linemen did not go till the whistle, and peaked looks backwards. This is not DFL, go until the whistle. If you get beat, keep going until the whistle.

The backs looked quick, hit the holes quick, and fought for extra yardage. Quick hitting plays may be the best for the line to block for. Darrius Cummings may have earned some carries. Looks like it may be Gavin, Cam Scott, And Darius splitting carries in some fashion. All three could be main guy if called on.

The WRs looked good, We took a hit on Tuesday losing Tyler Mccelroy (sp) to a broken collar bone which required surgery. The corps are thin with that loss, and Marcus splitting time at QB with brown. The WRs caught most of the balls there way. Only a few drops. And no highlight reel catches I saw. But, should get better with reps.

The defense improved from Tuesday, but need more improvement before week 4.

The D line is still feeling itself out with different options they have. Cummings, Bagozzi, Gurbash (Gill), Gavin, Holcomb, Wolfe. So, there is some depth if needed. If Gavin and Cummings share the back field with Scott, Bagozzi, Wolfe, and Gill will need to go and put pressure on the opposing QBs.

The linebackers play was expected. Hamilton bit on a few play action plays that will need a little coach up. Alright for the scrimmage. Hoak and Crabtree got caught up a little with O linemen more than what I thought they would. But filled better today than Tuesday. Kudos to Kanyon Caldwell for a blitzing OLB. If he gets looks like he did today, opposing QBs will get hurt. In fact, he outplayed Jeslord Boteng on many plays. May have knocked Hamilton out of 4th LB position. Definitely earned some pass defense reps.

I couldn't tell the defensive backs very well. The switching of numbers confused the heck out of me until they would come to the sideline. I believe that the DBs are still being moved around for now. Looks like eight guys for 4 positions. I bet we ride the hot hands until guys pull away from one another.
Just curious has DeSales gone back to that crappy option only Offense.?
if so explains the 3-4 balls on the ground and hoping you have 3-4 QB's who can survive the season.
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