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Be careful ? Me ? Why? Not ahrd to find Doss's address , I never cared to look for it, tis guy seems to know a lot about Middle School Catholic Football for some reason, as if " Popping " up anywhere at the 8th grade level is someone's business , I guess Rico and his kind involved in the Catholic school football's ARMS RACE follow this type of thing very closely.

May be Ricon is responsible for DeSales COUGH COUGH talent level going up over the last few years coverig and traipsing around the Catholic MS football circles , good work sir keep it up.

As for the DeSales not showing anything that is universal for most teams, I expect the LOADED Stallions to be the favorite and from the looks of things the better club , the first two years scrimmage were very competitive, this year Coffman going to take longer to develop up front . Stallions are a program while always good on the rise , tons of talent over there. Scrimmage is important for finding out things for Coffman, who can play where , they are a team with too many of the same type of player and not enough of other kinds , so some are going to have to play where they didn't may be expect to make it work eventually, so I expect the Stallions to appear more fluid and experienced in some areas and take advantage of it , Donut is a special player, he needs space though , hopefully he gets some , he made a great TD run last year , totally shook two kids in the secondary .

DeSales wil be better more experienced up front and also have some athletes, Coffman has some good players and athletes as well as you will see but really is a bout a month away fro being set up front or better set, lets hope it gells at some point , but as for Saturday ? Going to be a struggle a times but the coaches and players will learn a lot and it will help them, playing this caliber of team[s} { DeSales, Toledo CC , and PC} while not conducive to ego strokes, is going to help them be ready for week one which is the point . they won't see this caliber of teams the first few weeks .

I agree enough about where Kirk lives, he is eligible and ready to go , lets hope he has a great career at Coffman for 4 years .

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