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Originally Posted by Scrumper View Post
Still wonder how Davidson will play on the turf. Home field advantage will be much less in favor of Davidson. That field by mid season was pretty torn up.
I still hold that the adjustments that Coffman made between games 1 and 2 were the difference in the game. And will be reviewed by defensive coodinators looking for some insight into how Coffman did it.
I was a little harsh on my 0.500 prediction for Davidson. Maybe 6-4. The coaches do get the most out of the "WAR ROOM" BY mid season.
Will not doubt that Davidson also finds their way to R2 tomorrow.
I really think that this year Davidson will resemble that 2014 team that went 6-4.Not a good year. Very inexperienced in the offensive backfield for sure.Not sure who is going to play QB. The kid who was penciled in to be the starter this year I heard quit the team last year.As far as the turf goes,Davidson does not have their classic go to back but I did notice in limited play last year a couple of very fast JV backs who could benefit from the field turf.They may try to get the RB's to the edge more this year versus years past.Maybe they put Nonso at power running back this year.Big kid who played RB at JV level who has been playing DL at varsity.He was hurt the first game last year and never returned.Not sure if the DL can spare him though.
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