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Also saying Crack the code didn't suggest that Davidson HAD NEVER BEEN STOPPED.

Of course they have , last year they racked up big yardage games against some good teams , and ran roughshod over mediocre ones. The Coffman game one they did well , probably overachieved and Coffman wasn't sharp and didn't play to their potential , game two they ahd emotion advantages , Davidson does well against Coffman in game two's when they lose the regular season game, White pushes the right buttons , they have revenge and redemption motives, when the won game one this year playing pretty close to as well as they possibly could , he had no buttons to push .

So scheme and alignment adjustment and stronger emotion and incentive, along with a couple Davidson turnovers resulting in 10 Coffman points equaled an easy pretty dominant win.

While I do believe Davidson will have good teams in the future and that no code was cracked , I get Scrumper's point as it pertains to this upcoming season , because if I was a D-Coordinator and saw that Coffman shut them down like that after not doing as good a job in the same season { Which would suggest that it wasn't a large personnel gap} I would take a look at it .

I Think whether or not 2017 opponents look at the Coffman tape or any other tape at all , most teams on Davidson schedule will have a good chance of competing against this years edition of the Davidson offense . I do think as I said that at some point Davidson defense will be solid and a very tough out as usual .
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