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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Davidson will have a weaker running game this year , I think their defesne will be pretty solid but offensively? Not seeing it .

I don't think he meant it was now suddenly a trend , Davidson not being able to move the ball at all that is in that one game,. but rather Coffman if you know what they usually do and how they line up against Davidson , made some adjustments that confused the blocking schemes , and Davidson never adjusted to it , instead just kept running into the same clogged holes and gaps all night long .

The scheme in that game was only part of the equation, Rocks played with a lot more emotion after laying an egg in game one , they knew they had better personnel and stunk the joint out in week 8 , played much better and with more fire and actually pushed the ball downfield this game and it paid off .

I think Scrump is correct though , there will be some D-Coordinators may be taking a look at Davidson's very low offensive output that game { May be a look at Liberty's defensive effort against them as well } and look at how they lined up , moved pre-snap and post snap and see if it's something they may be able to do.

Speaking of Demo's was at the Sells - Weaver dual track meet, Weaver had some really athletic fast athletes, more than I have seen ever really , demo wasn't very " Weaver like" lets say , very impressive team.
Sorry Stiv. Re-read Scrmp's post and there is no other way to take it than it was saying that Coffman "cracked the code" . There was no qualifier offered that it was true so long as Davidson has a weak running game ( as it is suggested that they will this year).

What Coffman did to Davidson last year was impressive, but it was no more stifling than what Pick Central did to Davidson in 2011 or Pick North did in 2012. The suggestion that coaches are now suddenly going to pour over tape from the Coffman/Davidson game last season and now be able to stop them because of it is pretty silly.
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