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Originally Posted by deuces dad View Post
Walnut lost a couple of kids with D1 offers to Princeton and Pickerington Central after the dismissal of Lainhart. It was amazing the level of young talent he was "recruiting" to Walnut Hills. They still have a couple of kids with D1 offers and probably the best overall prospect in the league in Juwon Briggs, but they will struggle to go .500.
Junior Jowon Briggs may be the best prospect in the city not just the league. He is rated one of the top talents in the country(see article). And just as important he is a great young man who will do some big things in whatever career he chooses. The other transfers you mentioned were not near as talented as Jowon and will not be a great loss. Back ups behind them will fill for them. That being said Walnut will be lucky to be 500 this year. Too much coaching/AD issues going on over there.
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