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Originally Posted by RollDamnTide View Post
Here is how I see it (Bias Turpin opinion :

1)Turpin- Yes they have a new Coach, but don't think because they graduated a lot of talent that there will be a huge drop off... The program went 30-0 last year (Frosh, JV, Varsity) so I would say the pipeline is full for guys to step in. Yes losing Evans and Thompson hurts on Defense, but the Spartans bring back the entire secondary (Hausfeld, Durso , and Haddad) This group gave up very little in the passing game last year. I look for this Turpin team to be like the ones of the past hard nose defense, but I look for the New coach to pump some new blood into the offense .

2)The Anderson R-words- There offense is going to be explosive, with Volpeheim, Watt, Blaha. There might not be a better triplet in the tristate! but my worry with them will be can they stop anyone!! I predict the ECC title will be decided at Spartan stadium next year.

3)Kings-Another team that loses a lot but also has a lot of guys with some varsity experience stepping into larger roles. I believe Jake Stylstki who played RB last year will be playing QB (Kings fan Confirm), with him and that little scat back they found last year, this duo could present some problems.

4)Walnut- Talent is there just need to find a way to put it together

5)Milford- Can Grippa solve the mystery that is Milford football and classes that steadily decline from freshman year forward... not this year!!!

6)West Clremont- Ayers will have these boys playing just not familiar with any big names returning, I look for this program to be in contention for years to come.

7) Loveland- Luke Waddell??? O ya he finally graduated(thank the lord!!!)... who will fill his large shoes in an ancient offensive system

Got to see Withrow yesterday in 7 on 7 at Norwood. I'm not saying they are going to win the ECC however, I was truly impressed with there discipline and there hustle. Numbers were low but they had more than last season. Coach Snow is off to a great start but we will see when the season start. Coaching staff is very different. If Coach Snow and his coaches keep it up Withrow doesn't look like the Withrow from last season.
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