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If you look back to my post on Dec 12th I said Coach K will remember Guess getting 57 - and how he did it. I also stated how I thought he would fix the issues that seemed to plague them - namely the turnovers. I was surprised a few weeks later against Euclid to see they still had turnover issues and the offense looked lethargic.

In true Coach K tradition it seems he has fixed some of the issues to the point where Mentor is starting to play Mentor basketball. I will again get a chance to watch them as they play VASJ on Saturday. I know how hard the Cardinals work and when coach is not happy I can only imagine the practices and conditioning. I'm sure many teams work hard but it's the only team I have seen in practice work as hard or harder then VASJ on conditioning during the season.

There was no way Guess was going to go off and you could bet your life somebody else was going to have to step up for Shaker. Mentor is shooting the ball better, playing Mentor defense and more importantly not turning the ball over. That is the Mentor blueprint. When they do that along with making the extra pass, playing with confidence and knocking down free throws - watch out. This Euclid District just got serious because it appears Mentor has decided to show up. Solon, Brush, Cleveland Heights, Benny and a hot Mentor - along with Senate Champs East and sneaky good Chardon, Mayfield and South -WOW. I expect crazy games every night. Whoever emerges from Euclid will have damn well deserved it. Mentor is back in the conversation.
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