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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
I question your definition of a very good NBA player. He played 34 minutes per game. 10/7/7 is very, very, very attainable, especially when you have the ball in your hands most of the time you are on the floor.
EP, I can only imagine you are trolling as you normally do. We've went over this countless times. Guys like LeBron, Westbrook, Simmons, Lonzo are going to compile alot of statistics because the most important stat for them is minutes played. There are so many possessions in NBA games, so many opportunities to stuff the stat sheet. Lonzo's main numbers you need to look at, FG% 36%, 3Pt FG% 30%, and FT% 44%.
Lonzo had the lowest FG% of players who took more than 10 shots per game. Two others were in the neighborhood. Justin Holiday of the Bulls, 72 games 10.9 shots per game 37%,(he did actually have a respectible 35% 3Pt%) and Isaiah Thomas - who took an incredible 13 shots per game, making only 37%. I'll also note that both of those guys also shoot free throws at over 80%.
I see him having a career similar to Jason Kidd. Kiddís career eFG% was 460 and wasnít over 500 until he was 35. Ballís eFG% was 440 and I would expect heíll be around 500-520 range for his career.
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