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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Again, I guess I have to repost my original post since you're too stupid to remember what was said. I said he doesn't have the size or physicality to get to the rim like LeBron does. If you think that is the entirely of LeBron's game, you're dumber than I originally gave you credit for.

This has been told to you a million times: there are other aspects of the game than shooting. Tony Allen carved out a 14 year career without being able to shoot. And Lonzo is a significantly better passer, playmaker and rebounder than Tony Allen ever was. Jason Kidd couldn't shoot an an NBA level when he was drafted. Now he's one of the best 3pt shooters of all time. Lonzo will likely never reach that, but he can improve his shooting. And that doesn't change the fact you said all of this after one month. Which is exactly how many games Markelle Fultz has played, one month's worth.

When did I ever say Embiid played a full season before this year? I get 2 and 4 because that's how long they've been in the league. That's how many years of NBA practices, conditioning, strength training etc. How you can say that isn't experience is beyond me.
I would say that Embiid has probably been involved in less practices than games so far in his career.
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