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Originally Posted by Pull-to-Trap View Post
Easy Hose man..., allow me to indulge in my extreme bias for this team for just one year will ya?

The secondary actually looks pretty solid so far. Also looks like the potential safety/ returner could be an upgrade. Just needs some work at the position but for sure a stronger and faster upgrade.

Iíll feel better after the Franklin game. As for Winton Woods, if you want to be a big time D II team around here you need to play up to that competition. Should be good for them.

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Uh I have no idea the safety/returner you are talking about. Uh the secondary is very inexperienced at the varsity level. Uh don't get me wrong, I hope our kids come on strong and roll the league. Uh the 2 OLBS are outstanding players and both will probably go D1. Uh OTS and ILBS are the areas of concern. Hoping for the best.
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