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Originally Posted by Pull-to-Trap View Post
They return three starters on the line. 6-2/240 LG, 6-1/220 RG, 6-3 /215 TE. The choices they have at center are all better than last years. The tackles being looked at are heavy dudes 270, 290, 300. One underclassman in the mix but they have all played line in this system since they were 9.

They have at least six d-linemen to choose from to get their three starters. I see a good rotation here and the coaches need to get comfortable with some two way players. Three of the six have varsity experience. The linebackers are huge with the outsides being legit D1 prospects. Both at 6-4 and 225, athletic and can run. DB's are solid and experienced. I don't see any fall off from last year.

Last season they had a good team, not taking anything away from them. This year's team is just better, I would say everywhere except kicking. Next year looking about the same from what I've seen.

Not kidding, I don't remember ever seeing an Edgewood team this big, strong and fast. Mr. Clemmons is blessed.

Barring injuries......good luck SWOC.
Uh, easy there trapper.Uh I agree this team has the potential to be very good, but games at Winton Woods and Harrison and Franklin at home will be challenging to say the least.Uh kicking game will be worse than last season and there are no kids on the roster with ILB varsity experience.Just because a kid weighs a lot doesn't make him a player. There is no DB on the roster anywhere near as skilled as last years safety and returnman.Yes this team could be outstanding but 7-3 is also a possibility.
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