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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Mike Lowery started a few years ago as a frosh , pretty sure he isn't coming "
Home" lol .

Love the confidence of AHM , a known Coffman supporter and fan of mine lol . PN really put it on some folks last year. I mean I remember being really impressed by the way they absolutely embarrassed teams . 42-0 over Liberty who won R-3 . 42-3 over Westy C. 35-7 over R-Burg. Beat the crap out of Wayne , hammered C-Vile in a nolo contendere situation after losing by a point in the regular season .

I remember going back and forth telling the C-Vile fans that they weren't as good as North , won the game but weren't 'really" equals and that a second win was unlikely VERY unlikely. I was proven right .

That was last year however. They have some good folks back no question . Scott at WR Martin at RB Glover at DT, Baylor at WR , Cheatwood as a weapon, some solid lineman . BUT it's not last years team so to surmise that they crush Coffman as they did some folks of comparable quality THIS YEAR? It's a reach IMO.

Can they ;possibly handle them comfortably? I suppose , but who is the QB ? PN will be the favorite but this running clock opinion seems like a lot of emotional blather .
Hilreich has a couple very good QBs coming in. Hes building a real program to be reckoned with. When you put that talent with his proven coaching you have only seen the beginning. North is going to dominate for a long time.
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