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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Week 5

AT Pickerington North -

Rumor of PN getting a move in to replace Jimmy Football ? I am not seeing it , but I may be not looking in the right place. Translation ? I am not privy to the info if it is a 'THING ". Otto Kuhns a really good 2020 prospect at Bloom Carrol was a rumor . A big framed athletic legit 6-3 195 kid who might benefit from playing at a higher level of Comp , is also a good hoops player seems to be staying put . As a favorite comic of mine once said, " I just helped a friend of mine 'Stay Put" , it's a lot easier than helping someone move. I just had to go over to his place and make sure he didn't start putting sheet into a truck ".

Anyway they seem to be rebuilding at QB? Have the talented Receiver who was once at Wayne back and a few other really swift , quick kids as well. This game will be interesting and may be a marquee game depending on how the first few games for each team. Coffman has a fairly tough schedule , they play enough teams that are capable of beating them but there isn't a team that they face that will overmatch them .

They can win all of them , IF they execute, but they can lose a few of them if they don't. This game to me could be defining in that it could be a must win possibly at worst case scenario { I doubt that } or it can separate them from some.

It will provide a real road test against a rising to the next level program that will be ready and of course it provides an interesting dynamic of being the first meeting of these programs . They have scrimmaged and it has been competitive especially in 2012 , and of course the aforementioned 2012 Davidson play-off debacle prevented the Rocks from meeting the Panthers as those two were the consensus two best teams that year in CO in the regional final . PN lost to Moeller with the clock running out with the ball inside the Big Moe 10 much like Coffman losing to ST X in 2007.

First time meeting that I will imagine will have a possible play-off atmosphere . I am really looking forward to this one myself and I am sure I will have a lot to write about concerning this one in the coming months . This type of interesting first time match-up is a reason we love high school football
Pickerington North will put a running clock on Coffman. Too much talent.
Much better coaching. See you week 5.
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