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Originally Posted by Bennies'01 View Post
The supposed benefit is that the #1 seed ("best" team) wouldn't have to see the #2 and #3 seeds until the district final. It's actually the traditional seeding format used by all kinds of tournaments (including the NCAA). Unfortunately the seeds and process become meaningless if the coaches either aren't paying close attention to the other teams records/opponents or are biased when voting (see Euclid district).

In regards to the OHSAA making these changes, let's be clear that this was not mandated by the OHSAA but instead unilaterally implemented by the Northeast Ohio District Athletic Board (NEDAB). Almost every other district board in Ohio actually combines districts, seeds from top-to-bottom, and allows every team to choose their spot on the bracket. In my opinion, NEDAB gets it wrong in how they do it, and we know based on stories and quotes, that at least part of the reason why is due to politics.

My understanding of making the brackets auto slotted was to avoid the top seeds playing against the teams with the worst records to eliminate the super blowouts. I don't recall reading anything about it benefiting the top seed. Some of the top seeds would put themselves in a bracket to take an extra game (vs. a bye) to avoid time off. Then no team would want that spot and the lowest seed would be forced to take that spot. This resulted in some ultra bad games.

No doubt the overall process is still very flawed. Looks like many coaches here looked simply at Euclid's record and seeded them low and possibly didn't do homework on Harding. It looks like coaches at Euclid district did some kind of funny business over there as well. VASJ coach i think brought up a good point of having the voting in person makes it less likely for funny business going on.
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