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Originally Posted by Gameday10 View Post
Yes I agree lots of CUP folks all will gather and watch games as long as all aren't trying to coach or tell players things not a big deal.

However you have the President of CUP acting as a coach with a kid playing on the field. This person talks directly to college coaches..... I would hope that CUP is giving everyone a fair shake when getting looked at.
I guess when that player plays on one team in the AM then plays with another age group later that day it sure looks very shady.
Especially when other kids sit out so presidents kid plays twice in the same day in front of College coaches. IMO
I believe it would be a mistake to rely on the club for proactive discussions with college coaches about your player (or mine) at the age groups you're talking about. The McGinley days are long long gone. And like you... I have no doubt about the current club priorities.
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