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Originally Posted by Mr. Slippery View Post
Any chance the Buckeye 8 would want to expand to take in Cambridge and Meadowbrook and creates a North and South Division?

Beaver Local, East Liverpool, Edison, Indian Creek, Buckeye Local, and Harrison Central

Cambridge, Meadowbrook, St. Clairsville, Martins Ferry, Bellaire, and Union Local

Maybe go even bigger and try to draw in Carrollton and Minerva as well to make a pair of 7-team divisions?

As for River View and Coshocton, I don't know where they can go if the IVC doesn't want them. They're both on the small side for the OCC, and I can understand the MVL not viewing them as attractive additions.
Mr. S, if you read all the posts on OVAC forum sounds like there are problems with Buckeye 8 too. Don't know how much truth there is or just people's wishful thinking. While I don't have problem with your idea, I don't think it'll happen. But if all this craziness happens, we'll need to land somewhere.

There has been more talk about us going to MVL again more than anything else. As of today, Cambridge would be the 6th largest school of 10 in MVL and would probably be 7th/8th this time next year. If that happens, I'd rather be in the B8 and playing St.C, UL, MF, and Bellaire than a "small" school division in MVL with New Lex, Morgan, West M and Crooksville..yuck.
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