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SOB Rating: ***
Favorite: Slaper, Moore,

Potential Placers: Powers, Metzger, Norwood, McDaniel, Delsanter, Walker, West, Sayre, Johnson, Litner, Havill, Haney, Davis

Sleeper: Newsome

In the top quarter of this bracket you have the talented and decorated stud Johnny Slaper. Slaper is no stranger to this tournament and has had a mountain of success here on the big stage. Usually as the #1 seed you get a favorable draw however, I foresee a problem with the pathway for Slaper and that problem is his potentially second round match with Newsome from Miron. Slaper is on the young side of the bracket this year and at these heavy weights the young studs occasionally cross paths with an older kid who is starting to go through the change. Depending on which Newsome shows up, Slaper will have his hands full to clear this matchup. I will officially predict that the dominant Newsome that was on display at the Pennway duals shows up this match and ekes out a very close match over the top seeded Slaper. Arriving to challenge Newsome in the quarters should be the undefeated New Lexington champ, Colton Powers. Powers should be able to compete with Newsome but I don’t think he has enough offense to keep up with the high scoring Newsome. I’ll take Newsome to secure the first spot in the semifinals.

In the second quarter of this bracket, the name that jumps out to me is Jonathan “JoJo” Norwood. JoJo is a classic throwback brawler who at times might be underhanded when it comes to skill or athleticism but is never outdone in the heart or grit department. I look for JoJo and his mental toughness approach to do some damage in the opening rounds and being able to secure a spot in the quarters. He will find himself encountering a tough second round opponent in Havill. Havill has the pedigree to challenge Norwood but in the end I take the older Norwood to survive and advance. Arriving in the quarters to face JoJo should be the undefeated Glen Oak champ Jonathan Metzger. I could not officially find anywhere where these two have cross paths this year so if they have please forgive that omission. I did find some impressive wins by Metzger so I know he is a formidable opponent for JoJo. Based off personal experience in coaching, I will take JoJo and his make or break mentality to put himself into position to secure the second slot in the semifinals to take on Newsome. In this semifinals matchup it really will be whoever has the ability to impose their style upon each other. Newsome will try and push the pace and out wrestling Norwood whereas Norwood will try and slow down the match and turn it into an extended hand fight to physical try and break Newsome. This is a coin flip in my eyes so by the closest of margins I will take Newsome to score a late takedown to secure his spot in the finals of this bracket.

In the third quarter of this bracket, two of the top kids meet in a first round matchup that will be a battle! McDaniel vs Linter is the one I have my eye on. I will take Litner in a tough match to advance onto to the second round where he will most likely encounter the runner up from Oregon Clay, Delsanter. In what should be the best matchup in this quarter of the bracket I can see a back and forth tussle but I will take Delsanter to survive and push into the quarters. There could be a number of wrestlers waiting for Delsanter in the quarters but it will most likely come down to the winner of the first round matchup between Garrow and Davis. I will take Garrow to survive and face off against Delsanter. IN that matchup I can see Delsanter opening it up late in the second and early third periods and coming away with a comfortable win to secure his spot into the semifinals on day two.
In the bottom quarter of this bracket you get who I would consider to be one of the favorites in this bracket, the OAC veteran Chad Moore. Moore is a big, strong, and athletic wrestler who will present a matchup problem for anybody who he encounters. He will encounter a stiff test in the second round from Myles Johnson. Johnson has the size to occasionally give other wrestlers problems, however I will project Moore to survive this encounter and push into the quarters. Waiting to take on Moore will most likely be the winner of the second round tussle between Sayre and Hughes. I will take Sayre to advance but the other two strong kids in this pod also have a legitimate chance to advance as well. I will take Moore to push into the semifinals with a convincing win over Sayre and arrive to take on Delsanter. Moore vs Delsanter is a coin flip type of match where I could make an argument for either wrestler. Considering all things evenly, I will take the experience over the age factor and I will take the younger Moore to squeak out a very narrow win and survive and move past Delsanter to push into the state finals.

In the finals, we have a rematch from the district championship wrestled at TW earlier this season. That matchup saw Moore coming up with a surprising pin over the stout Newsome. I have had the good fortunes of coaching Newsome here recently on a couple of my dual teams and he has really put his offensive game in high gear over the last 6 weeks. I will call for a reversal of fortunes in this match and I will choose Newsome to bag the state title in a close hard fought match!

SOB Rating: ****

Favorite: Ray, Snider

Potential Placers: Wells, Paterra, Starkey, Swearingen, Waggoner, Pool, Miller, Robinson, Fox, Getz, Williams

Sleeper: Shulaw

Wow, there is not a better #1 and #2 seeds in this entire tournament. In this pod of the bracket you get one of the most unique combinations of size, athleticism, and skill rolled into one package, the much acclaimed top seed Max Ray. Ray truly looks and wrestles like a Jr high kid already. He has a very lethal combination of technique and finesse that is also wrapped up in an explosive athletic ability. I see absolutely nobody putting up much of a fight with him (and that’s no disrespect to any of the, just a testament to how good Ray is) as Ray walks into the semifinals while comfortably putting away most likely Paterra in the quarters.

In the second quarter of this bracket you get a solid mix of talent and experience. The most likely matchup that I can see playing out in the quarters is a Waggoner vs Starkey matchup. Waggoner is a two time OAC placer and I think that previous experience and lessons learned in battling to get to the box will prove valuable in this matchup and I think Waggoner will survive a tough hard fought matchup to move into the semifinals to take on the skilled Ray. IN that semifinals matchup I see Waggoner battling hard but effort is not enough to beat the ubber talented Ray. I see Ray winning in comfortable fashion and pushing himself into yet another OAC finals appearance.

IN the third pod of this bracket you get a potentially interesting matchup in the second round that would involve the TC district champ, Gunnar Pool vs the runner up from TW Carson Miller. Pool is a very intriguing wrestler because from a physical standpoint he has all the tools that a coach would ever want. He is a very big, strong and tough kid. His technique and mental toughness have really started to come on board this year and the results are reflecting this growth and maturation. Miller comes from a wrestling family which includes his younger brother. Miller is also a very sound wrestler who is not afraid to compete on this big stage. It what will be a very tight might I will take Miller to survive and fend off the physical Pool. Waiting in the quarters to take on Miller will most likely be the winner of the potential second round matchup between Robinson and Fox. I will take Robinson to be there but I will still give the nod to Miller to survive this encounter and push into the third semis slot in this bracket.

As we move into the fourth and final quarter of this bracket we encounter the other Beast of this bracket, Kyle Snider! No, not that Kyle Snider but at this level the two are comparable! Snider is one of those big guys who absolutely wrestles like he is still in the bell curve weight classes! He has a tremendous ability to score from his feet and he’s a nasty rider on top. Again, I was fortunate enough to coach Snider a few times this season on some of my dual teams and more than once he came away with the team MVP. Coming in to face Snider in the quarters you will probably get one of the most up and coming wrestlers on the entire circuit this year, Max Shulaw from Palmer’s. Shulaw has tremendous size and put away strength. He has worked hard to close the technique gap between him and Snider and he has closed the gap. Shulaw has the type of strength that no matter who you are if he locks something up on you it could night-night time! I think Shulaw will challenge Snider and score points on him. Snider will be patience and in the third period I think Snider is able to get Shulaw to come out of position allowing for a key late take down that propels Snider into the Semifinals to take on Miller. IN this bottom semifinals match I believe that Snider will have his way. I look for a very comfortable win by Snider highlighted by multiple takedowns. This sets up what I would consider to be the marquee state finals matchup of the entire tournament, Ray vs Snider!

In the finals, you literally can’t go wrong with either pick! Both of these kids represent the type of talent and skill that we have on the GS circuit in our great wrestling state. Most people would argue that Ray will be the favorite ion paper and there is nothing I can do to argue that. However, upsets happen, every single year at this tournament and the Madmex report would not be complete without a few of them predicted. I will call for Snider to score the pivotal takedown late in the third period and do just enough to ridge Ray out to secure a 1 point victory over the much decorated Ray to earn Snider a state championship to close out his GS career!
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