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SOB Rating: ***

Favorites: Griffith, Ginter

Potential Placers: Hermes, Thomas, Santoro, Mitchell, Supers, Tucholski, Seitz, Wenzel

Sleeper: Simcoe

In the top half you have the number one seed Ginter from BTW. Ginter has grown into a Beast on the national circuit marked by his team MVP performance down at the VAC duals for the Ohio Grey National Team. He has improved significantly on his feet but his top game has moved into an elite level and he now wrestles like a stud PA kid on top. He faces a potential second round matchup with one of his drilling and training partners Simcoe from Simcoe Wrestling. Simcoe is one of the most athletic and limber kids in this bracket and he comes from a great bloodline with his father being the head wrestling coach at Tiffin University. Simcoe is a great scrambler who possess the ability to ability to score on his feet efficiently as well. He literally might be the most flexible kid in the entire GS tournament this year which helps his defense. Simcoe will challenge and push Ginter to the brink but in the end I think Ginter’s top game will result in a key turn late in the third period that will push Ginter into the quarters. In the quarters Ginter will most likely face the winner of the Wenzel/Hermes matchup with Thomas also having a say in his opponent. Regardless of which of the three survive and advance to the quarters I think Ginter wins impressively and moves into the first slot of the semifinals of this bracket.

In the second pod of this bracket I believe that chalk will not survive with Mitchell of Miron going down in face of his seeding and skillset advantage to the much bigger Luke James. Mitchell comes from a very tough room at Miron’s and I believe this will ensure he challenges and scores on the bigger James and if Mitchell wins he has the size and skill to challenge Ginter in the semifinals. However, the official pick is to have James use his size advantage and win a close match over the tough Mitchell. In the semifinals, I have seen too much top pressure and success with turning kids form Ginter that I will take him to keep the chalk rolling and push himself into his first OAC finals appearance by scoring a late score to beat the big and tough James!

In the third pod of this bracket I see two kids with a bullseye on their backs, Supers and Tucholski. I believe that these two will survive any potential upset bids and they will march on to make a great quarter finals matchup in this third pod. In a close match I will take Super to advance and move into the third semifinal slot for this bracket.

In the bottom quarter of this bracket you find one of the most feared and decorated youth wrestlers in the entire state, Julien Griffith of Palmer. Big J has a unique ability to ride and turn kids like he wrestles for Cael Sanderson at Penn State already. Throw in an improved shot that has been on display more this year and you have the recipe for a 5th consecutive OAC state title! I believe Griffith will survive a potential quarter’s match with the Glen Oak district champ, Seitz handily and move him into the 4th and final semifinals slot in this bracket. IN this bottom semifinals match I see Supers as trying to slow the match down and he will but eventually he will have to go down and as they say, “Mitch Clark takes top” Griffith will put his deadly boots and turn on display and turn Supers to reach the finals again to compete for another state title.

In what will be one of the more entertaining state finals matches, Ginter vs Griffith will be a war. Griffith has always held the upper hand in this matchup but here recently Ginter has worked extremely hard to close the gap. Ginter will score more points than expected and he will wrestle with a ton of heart however, many have tried and few have succeeded in unseating the champ. I will go with Griffith and his pedigree and nasty streak to continue his dominance at OAC and secure his 5th OAC state title in a row, wow, what a stud!

SOB Rating: ****

Favorites: Neves, Neitenbach

Potential Placers: Campbell, Rogan, Dickerson, Conway, Doss, Berner, Untied, Stout

Sleeper: Cook

Wow, what a loaded bracket with multiple state champs in here! At the top we start with one of the most successful and hardnosed wrestlers in this entire tournament in Carter Neves. Neves is a multiple time OAC state champ how has comes up slightly short in the last two years and he is on a warpath to secure his status back amongst the greats of this sport. He passed on football this year to train all year for this tournament and he looks great coming down the stretch. I believe he is on a head on collision with last year’s OAC and this year’s OH way state champ Landon Campbell. Campbell is a great wrestler and he beat Neves last year when Neves was under the weather in this tournament so the match could go either way. However. They have already locked horns multiple times this year and Neves has been dominant in those matchups even with a pin so I look for chalk to walk in this pod and I will call for the aggressive Neves to roll into the semifinals with a chip on his shoulder.

In the second pod of this bracket you have one of the true hidden gems of this tournament this year, Landon Cook from Edison. Cook has been on a tear this season with great performances at VAC and Pennway this year while wrestling with an attitude and mindset of a Jr High kid. I think Lando will cruise threw his first few matches with a potential tough one against New Lexington champ Cole Dickerson. I think Cook survives that match and rolls into the semifinals to setup a doozy with Neves. If it was not for a minor late season injury that caused him to take a few weeks off in his preparations the report was ready to call for a gigantic upset; however, those few missed weeks could potentially be the difference between a 1 point match between the older more mature Cook and the ultra-aggressive Neves. The official report pick will be to have Neves score a late escape in OT to shake off the bad taste of a loss in the semifinals last year and rightfully return to wrestle for a state championship. If the match goes the other way you heard it here first, Landon Cook is an up and coming hammer!

In the third pod you get the favorite to reach the finals, the third ranked stud in this bracket Edward Neitenbach. Eddy is a big, skilled and experienced wrestler who has is a former champ of this tournament as well. I watch Eddy wrestle a few matches against studs this year and he was highly impressive in all of them. I believe Eddy will put that OAC pedigree and skillset on the line and he marches into the third semifinals slot by dispatching any potential opponents in his way. The most challenging kid in that march will most likely be Javen Doss and it could be a tight match but I don’t see Eddy losing.

In the fourth and final pod I see a tough quarterfinal match potentially between Untied and Stout with the advantage clearly go to Stout. I believe Stout will survive and set up a great semifinals match with Eddy. Stout has the ability to score in that matchup and even pull out the win however, I believe the tough matches that Eddy has been in this year will give him the mental toughness edge and it will allow him to move into the finals to take on Neves.

In the finals matchup you really have two outstanding wrestlers coming together and putting on a great finals worthy of being shown on FloWrestling! I believe that Eddy will try and slow the match down and use his size and strength to move Carter around. However, Neves has a very aggressive style and he looks to put constant pressure on kids while looking for scoring opportunities! I believe Neves wins late in the third or even OT to secure another OAC state title for him!
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