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SOB Rating: ****

Favorites: Birden, Hermes

Potential Placers: Skinner, Humphrys, Giltz, Stump, Middleton, Brooks, Crevar, Vazsonyi, Keirn, Sowders, Camp, Montoya

Sleeper: Brown

Again, another loaded bracket! Loads of talent up and down this bracket but clearly highlighted by the #1 overall seed, the “Birdman” of Palmer. Birden has such a deadly combination of size, length, speed, skill, and toughness. He uses all of these talents to his advantage in most matches that he is in. He already has a wingspan that is greater than some grown men’s and when this is combined with his aggressive and physical style of wrestling it is hard to stop him as was displayed at his dominance at a loaded 40 man bracket at the Penn State Open that he dominated. Birdman will encounter a tough and gritty wrestler in the second round, Skinner from Shamrock. Skinner will not back down and is a very tough nosed wrestler but he just doesn’t have the physical skills to truly push the Birdman. The Birdman will encounter a skilled wrestler Humphrys in the quarters. Humphrys has had a fantastic year bouncing back to level that he has showed in the past. Humphrys has the size and strgeth to push Birden but in the end Birdman will score a convincing win and move into the semifinals.

In the second quarter of this bracket you will tough kids seeded all over the place. The highest seed in this portion of the bracket is the underrated Brooks from Mansfield SWAT. Brooks is a roller coaster of a wrestler. Meaning that he is a very inconsistent wrestler. If you catch him on a good day he is literally as tough and talented as any kid in this bracket and truly can win it. However, if he is having an off day he can also not wrestler up to his potential and lose to inferior talent. With this being his last crack at GS I think we will get the good Brooks and his length and toughness will be on full display. He runs into my sleeper pick of this bracket, the talented and skilled Brown. Brown also suffers from the roller coaster effect. If he sets his mind to it, he can beat anybody in the country. But if he checks out he will struggle with kids that have no business beating him. If both him and Brooks bring their A game in the second round, watch out as fireworks will be on display. I predict it will be a back and dofrth highs coring match but I will officially take the bigger and slightly stronger Brown to survive a potential OT battle to move onto the quarters. Waiting for Brown in the quarters will most likely be Giltz. Giltz has had some nice showings this year including OYWA and I think he will survive a second threat from OAC veteran Stump from the Chosen. Giltz will challenge Brown but if Brown brings his A game I think it will be too much for Gilzt to overcome and I will mark Brown down to advance into the first semifinals to take on the Birdman. In this first semifinals, it appears to be mismatch on paper. However, Brown is used to wrestling older and stronger kids from training with his older brother Gavin Brown and his crew. If Brown brings his a game he can literally threaten and potential beat Birdman; however, Birdman is the superior athlete and usually goes for the throat once he smells blood in the water. Brown will be physical and try and slow the match down but Birden will be able to score in the third period and secure his movement into the state finals.

In the third quarter of this bracket, the most decorated and highest seed had to medically default out last week due to s nasty high ankle sprain, Ryan Stowers from Dehart. The MadMex report sincerely wishes a speedy recovery to the former OAS state champ. The biggest beneficiary from this medical default will be Crevar. Crevar wrestled Birden tough at the TW district and he is a big 85 lber. Crevar should be able to get to the quarters unless there is a massive switching of seeds after OAC fills Stowers spot. Arriving to take on Crevar in the quarters will most likely be Glen Oak District champ, Joey Vazsonyi. Vazsonyi is an experienced wrestled in both OAC and OYWA and has proven to be a tough out this year. Him and Crevar looks like one of those coin flip matches but the official pick will be Crevar and his size to wear down on the lengthy Vazsonyi to push into the 3rd semifinal slot.

In the bottom quarter of this bracket you get some legitimate OAC resumes highlighted by the multiple time champ Max Hermes of Edison and 2 time OAC runner up Logan Montoya of Moeller. Very disappointed that this matchup takes place in the second round as it could be a great quarter’s match or even semifinals match. However, on paper the tank like Hermes will be the favorite with his explosive and physical style. Montoya has the pedigree and skill set to push and potentially even beat Hermes but depends on which Montoya shows up? Montoya has been up and down all year, as evidenced by his poor showing at the Penn State Open in contrast to his AAU nationals win in Tennessee. Hermes is the more consistent wrestler between the two and this consistency will probably prove to be the difference as Hermes rides out Montoya in the 3rd period to score a close win. Meeting Hermes in the quarters could be any of the three between Keirn, Sowders, and Camp. On Paper I project Camp to be the favorite to get there but Sowders has grown significantly in the last two years and Keirn has had some fantastic showing this year as well. I will take Keirn to survive two wars over Sowders and Camp to get to Hermes in the quarters. I believe Hermes will have his way with Keirn has the size but not necessarily the skillset to compete against Hermes. Hermes moves into the semifinals to take on the big and strong Crevar. In this bottom semifinals I believe Crevar’s size will be difficult to deal with for the first half of the match but Hermes is a very aggressor competitor and he will not back down at all. I think Hermes keeps attacking until a few late period opportunities expose themselves for Hermes to secure a 3-5 point win and move into the finals setting up a great rematch of the TW district finals against Birden.

In the finals, I think we will get one of the best matchups on paper when comparing these two studs and their OAC accomplishments. Birden is the favorite as he has the size and leverage components moving in his advantage. Hermes might be a slightly better mat wrestler and that will be where he wants this matchup to go however, Birden knows this and will take advantage of most of the time on their feet and will again secure a 2-4 point victory over Hermes to secure the 3rd OAC state title for the Birdman!

SOB Rating: ***

Favorites: Hughes, Hester, King

Potential Placers: Lee, Andel, Berner, Sell, Chance, Smith, Hoffarth, Thamann, Farley

Sleeper: Morency

In the top half you have the #1 seed Kaden King from BTW. King benefits from his strong showing last year in a tough 85.4 bracket where he placed on the young side. He has been solid all year long and he is a fairly big kid for this weight class. Combined with his training in the BTW room he will be a tough kid to overcome on his pathway to the quarters. I believe that him and Jack Lee from Miron will lock horns in the quarters and that will be a great matchup. King will have the size and age factor. I believe that Lee with have the quickness and technique advantage. I believe it will go down to the wire but I will lean on the age and experience of King to push him into the semifinals after surviving the formidable Lee.

In the second quarter of this bracket you find some talented wrestlers but none of them have a blue blood OAC pedigree. I believe that the most talented wrestler in this pod is Berner from Dehart. Berner has great length for this bracket and when he mentally brings some fire he can be a handful to deal with. I believe that he will make it the quarters after fending off a scrappy but at times overmatched Hunter Andel form Garrettsville. It’s a coin flip for as who will be the other quarter’s kid but I will officially go with Orahood to make a charge to get there and compete against Berner. I think Berner wins a close match but moves into the semifinals take on the #1 seed King. IN this semifinals match I look for King to use his size and pedigree to take advantage of Berner. Berner has the skills to win this matchup but I believe King will survive and move into the finals to compete for a state title.

In the third pod of this bracket I believe you get 2 of the 3 most talented wrestler sin the entire bracket, Hughes and Morency. I believe that these two are on a collision course with each other. Hughes has the deeper OAC resume being a multiple time OAC state champ while Morency highest finish is 3rd in this t9orunamnet two seasons ago. However, earlier in the season Morency did break through and score a close win over Hughes in a duals match. Morency went a solid 7-3 at VAC this year while Hughes was on fire going a perfect 10-0. Hughes is one of the best big match wrestlers we have seen in the last few years as evidenced by his upset over Kralick two years ago in the finals. Morency will fight his backside off and will score points and it will be dogfight, but the official pick is for Hughes to score a late reversal to bad a 1-2 point victory over the tough Morency to move into the third slot of the semifinals.

In the last pod of this bracket you encounter the other hammer in this bracket CJ Hester of Team Lindsey (Moeller). Hester is truly one of the best athletes in this entire tournament. His combination of size, strength, and explosiveness is unmatched din this bracket. He was worked his tail off to also close the technique gap that exists between him and Hughes and others. I think that Hester Marches into the quarters while fending off a formidable opponent in Farley form Foxfire. The older Farley has really grown over the last two years and will score on Hester but Hester has started to learn how to close out matches this season and I see no problem with him closing out that second round encounter. Waiting for Hester in the quarters will be the big and tough Connor Smith. Smith is a challenging opponent who can match Hester’s size and even out due in the experience category. The problem with Hester is his athleticism. I look for Hester to stay explosive late in the third period and score the winning points after the big Smith starts to slow down and potentially wear out. The bottom semifinals to me is the default championship match. Hughes and Hester had a dog fight last year with Hughes surviving 8-7 on a last second score that secured his victory. With my eyes I can see that Hester has even closed that gap even more this season and my head says I should take Hester as he is bigger and more explosive than Kam. However, the combination of knowing the type of schedule that Hughes wrestled this year as well as knowing his track record at this tournament the official pick will be Hughes in OT to one more time fight off the overthrow attempt by the beast Hester!

In the finals, I look for King to use his size to slow the match down and try and wear on Hughes and it will be an effective game plan initially. However, Hughes will win a few scrambles late in the second and third periods to secure a 4 point win to notch his second consecutive OAC state title!
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