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Strength of Bracket Key:

*****  5 stars, only reserved for the top tier brackets. Brackets marked with 5 stars contain multiple state champs and are littered with former state placers. This level of a bracket will have former state placers who do not make the podium due to the overall competition and talent inside the bracket. Roughly only 10% of all OAC brackets qualify for this rating.

****  4 stars, still considered to be a top tier bracket that could contain at least two former state champs and have multiple former state placers. The difference between a 4 star and a 5 star bracket would be the depth in the 3 and 4 seeds that are seen in the first round. Roughly 35% of OAC brackets fall into this category.

***  3 stars, considered to be a middle of the road bracket in terms of overall talent and depth. Could have a former state champ embed within it but most likely does not contain multiple state champs. This type of bracket usually starts to be a little top heavy with the talent but still some quality kids in the overall depth. Some of the 3 and 4 seeds in the opening pods are seen as novice wrestlers to the state tournament. Roughly 25% of OAC brackets fall into this category.

**  2 stars, considered to be slightly below average in overall talent and depth. This category of bracket usually has one clear favorite at the top and only a handful of kids that can challenge him. After the top 3-6 wrestlers there is a significant drop off in depth and talent. State placers are limited and almost all 3 and 4 seeds are novice or middle of the road wrestlers. Roughly 20% of OAC brackets fall into this range.

*  1 star, considered to be the easiest brackets at OAC. Typically do not contain any former state champs and only a few former state placers. This bracket usually is not a full 32 man bracket and sometimes the heavier weights that have fewer contestants fall into this category. Roughly 10% of OAC brackets fall into this rating.
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