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Originally Posted by llthayes19 View Post
Not to be funny guys, but if I'm a head coach with any experience. I know that the Middletown isn't a good job. My question as a head coach would be, what does Middletown have to offer me? From the stories I've heard, most of the kids are more interested in the streets. Also that most of the best athletes can stay eligible and most of all dealing with town and adminstration that has a false since of with the football program really is. Middletown used to be a big-time steel town. They still have AK Steel but it's not the same as it used to be. Kind of the same way Youngstown Ohio went downhill. No one's moving into Middletown because of the job market or the textiles. And also it's becoming more known for heroin addicts then student-athletes going to college. Trust me if I'm a head coach I don't want that job. However my friend Donnie Simpson is from Warren Ohio. Basically from the hood and grew up in the situation that he is now facing as a head coach in Middletown. Personally I think Middletown is a "Dead man walking" type of job. But he still young and ambitious with a plan that he believes that will turn their program around. I wish him well!

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Hayes I agree with you. The administration has not have much luck in selecting a head football coach and I am hoping they decided to select a coach a 180 degrees from the priorities they were using in the past. I hope Coach Simpsonís
passion and his communication skills allow him to mold and motivate the young men to not only be successful on the field but also in life. GO MIDDIES
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