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Originally Posted by Spize View Post
The HOF and their puppet masters in the NFL offices do not care. OHSAA pretends to care, but doesnít.

The HOF/NFL found a bottomless pit of taxpayer backed funding in SCPA Revenue bonds and are determined to see if they can find the bottom.

Lots and lots of tax schemes going to cover it, and even those arenít projected to cover even the stadium.

Remember, Benson Stadium is named after an NFL owner that donated appx 8% of the cost of the stadium, and they named it after him. That tells me they arenít expecting any other private money to come in, or else why sell the name so cheap?

All the promises sound great, but their delivery on promises hasnít been good.

Remember Canton, youíre betting half a billion (will be well over a billion the way budgets on this thing are going) on the ability of Roger Goodell to stop the NFL from constantly embarrassing itself and chasing away its fan base.

Bottom line:

If OHSAA filled up the Hawaiian conference fund and the HOF turned a profit from the games, expect them to be back, and thatís probably true so long as the bills get sent to the SCPA and the money goes to the HOF/OHSAA.
Can you please fill us in on what you know about the OHSAA and their Hawaiian conference fund?