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Originally Posted by yakyak View Post

Looking for some help on the rules for post defense once the offense receives the ball. How much contact is allowable (thinking about the arm bar), and other contact by the defense.

What are refs looking for when the offensive player starts to back down and is displacing the defender. (thinking of NBA type moves that the high school kids emulate).

I still see a lot of Arm bars stuck to the back of post players. But, I do not see how you can guard in the post effectively without allowing some contact during these back down/displacement plays. I assume the new hand check rules also applies in the post.

Thank you..
It's not a matter of "how much contact" necessarily. Not all contact is a foul, but the four specific acts from the new rule (two hands, extended arm bar, placing and keeping, more than one touch) are ILLEGAL on ANY player with the ball, no matter if they create any advantage/disadvantage. They are supposed to be called with no strings attached. Judgment is not required to make these calls so much as recognition.

With regards to backing down and displacing, we look for a defender who has established and maintained a legal guarding position and has not violated the principle of verticality. We look for illegal acts from the ball handler such as displacing with the rear end, using the elbow/hand to clear space, and hooking the defender.

We don't get all of these, but we get most of them.
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