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Originally Posted by thavoice View Post
This is kind of an off-the-wall question.
My stepson came home from a HS game the other day and said the player on the opposing team finished the game with no jersey on. No shirt. Nothing.
I asked him repeatedly and he stuck by his story.

Is this possible or legal? I am assuming he got blood on his top. Happened before when I played and some other player just had to relinquish his top for the rest of the game.

I know that there was a rule stating a player/# had to match to what was turned in before the this what possibly happened and he did not wear his top at the end of the game?

Again, I am not 100% certain it actually happened but I asked many times and he swore it was true.

What say you?
Learned long ago that "never" is a word that rarely means never..... With that, IF all means to get the player in another jersey, (either a teammate or from the JV squad) warm-up, or t-shirt of the same color as the one rendered unusable are unsuccessful, we should allow the player to compete if it does not present any potential problems. (mainly identification issues for the players and the officials)

I had an instance years back where blood soaked a uniform to the point that it could not be cleaned. The player involved was a big ole' hoss and none of his teammates or sub-varsity mates could help him..... He ended up in an away jersey supplied by the home team. (they happened to be of similar school colors)
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