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Originally Posted by goldentornado View Post
and the mythical 'deep state" is behind the investigation.
If you don't like the designation "deep state" then you can simply call it the "deep bureaucracy". And it is this amorphous bureaucracy that rules our day to day lives. If you want a description I can give you that to: The Deep Bureaucracy is an unaccountable, overfed, obese, parasitical institution that behaves much like an organism with it's instinct to expand, propagate and fight off any threat.

You can deny its existence all you want but simple observation would confirm that not only is the Deep State present, it is alive & well. In fact not since Reagan has a POTUS attempted to tame this bureaucracy, but unlike during Regan's time the Deep State is larger and more deeply entrenched today. And like any organism that is threatened, the Deep State is fighting tooth & claw to protect itself and destroy the threat to it's survival.
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