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Originally Posted by Michael Bluth View Post
If there was even the slightest chance we were causing this, I can't understand not wanting to try to improve and reverse the situation. Green technologies seem like a win/win in nearly every direction other than for the outdated coal and oil industries. Time to move forward and discover our true energy potential
Assuming finite financial resources MB I would prefer we focus on building a system designed to detect & deflect away from the earth any space rocks heading our way. While the probability is low that we'll get smacked by a big rock the results of such a collision would be disastrous up to and including extinction of the human race. And unlike the THEORY of human caused catastrophic climate change (as opposed to natural climate change which has been well established to always be occurring) we know that there is a 100% chance the earth will at some time in the future get flattened by a big space rock.
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