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Originally Posted by Michael Bluth View Post
If there was even the slightest chance we were causing this, I can't understand not wanting to try to improve and reverse the situation. Green technologies seem like a win/win in nearly every direction other than for the outdated coal and oil industries. Time to move forward and discover our true energy potential
There are studies showing the trend is reversing, there are studies showing it is accelerating, there are studies that show it ended........ no study is able to say how much of climate change is natural and how much is being influenced by man......

The real question that no one answers is what makes us think we can determine what temperature the Earth is "supposed" to be, it's been hotter, colder, more CO2, less CO2, ...... throughout planetary history. The time that it has spent at "this" temperature is a blip in the record. Even IF man is responsible at this time, we won't be forever and we weren't in the past - the planet has natural cycles that exceed what even the dreamers want to accomplish. Do we try to stop a fully "natural" change?

We should be good stewards of the planet, we should use clean/better energy when it makes sense. Green technologies can't solve all of our energy needs and to rush them into production is wasteful and potentially could kill millions by taking away the productivity necessary for food creation and distribution. We should do what we can as we can, we are better than we were 100 years ago and we'll be better 100 years from now.
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