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Originally Posted by CoventryTrackXCguy View Post
You gotta get the wrestlers out. That's where the jackpot of athletic talent is at. I truly believe that the team in our league that can figure out how to get all of their wrestlers out onto the track turns into a state powerhouse overnight, regardless of where that team stands today. The only problem is wrestling coaches are stingy with their athletes and pressure them to do all kinds of off season wrestling competitions year round. But the team that can figure out how to break through golden.

Yeah, I think Coventry boys scored in every event too, besides the shot put, and the 800 (we didn't run Skaggs). Problem is the relative lack of standout athletes with us this season. We had to rely on too many 5ths and 6ths places to scrap those 87 point together, although we did do decent in the short relays; you don't need standouts for that. We wont represent as well in regionals as we did the last couple years, and we would need some major luck to get anything to state. But we will see. Look for us in the jumps and 110 hurdles.
We get all the other sports out, just don't fill out the events like the CC kids do. CC kids in long jump, HJ, PV, Disc, 400 up and even 200 / 4x200.
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