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Originally Posted by trey2k View Post
Do we really care if the local pharmacist supports Elder? Some of you seem to think it's their obligation to.

I don't get it.
Well, I do care, in that I want the relationship between Elder and Westside businesses to be as strong as possible, for their mutual benefit. As I said in my first post about this, they are a private business and can do whatever they want but, P/M, unlike either Elder or St. X has absolutely no ties to the westside. In addition, with the real (to a lesser extent) and perceived (to a greater extent) issues that Elder has faced recently, recruiting the kids that might be more likely to attend P/M is of upmost importance to Elder and its future.

So, they can do what they like, but Price Hill needs Elder and Elder needs the support of the Price Hill business community.

No one has to like or support Elder. I, as a supporter, hope that they do, especially those in Elder's immediate neighborhood. No mystery there. Nothing nefarious there.