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Does anyone know what happened with Beachwood's Leah Roter in the last mile? At 2 miles she had a 21 second gap on the field and a 24 second gap on Zimmer, the eventual winner.
No one knows what happened? I heard that she twisted her ankle near the end and pretty much hobbled in but had a big enough lead to still get 2nd. My source for this was a person told a person told a person and that person told me. I have no idea what the veracity of that information is.

I thought that she totally spent herself when I first saw the result. At 1 mile she had already gapped the field by 10 seconds. Her mile was 5:27. For comparison, the DI leaders came through in 5:32ish. Her 2nd mile was around 11:22 so she had already slowed considerably but I thought that she still had a 17:40 to 17:50 in her.
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