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Originally Posted by Crimson and Black View Post
Triangle, no venue, Stadium, city to anything else can spoil my day when The Big Red is playing for the state title. Dad and I used to go To Stark County every year to catch all 6 or 7 games whether we were playing or not. I was just trying to show how well it I was done when left to the people of Stark County and all the volunteers. They a great joB using 2 iconic venues, and it was just so simple. But times and things change, not always for the better. I’m hoping to be surprised. ROLL RED ROLL
C&B I'm expecting this year to be the same as or better than everybody's past experiences at the Finals in Canton. Don't overthink the NFL's role in the weekend. Yes, it's their stadium, but their control ends at the entry gates. All the other stuff outside the stadium (parking, shuttles, traffic control, etc.) are still being run by the same people as before - the people of Stark County and all the volunteers. The OHSAA and Visit Canton ( are working together to make it a great weekend.

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