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Originally Posted by Crimson and Black View Post
No they think “The Benson” is more special than the shoe or Akron’s new place. And I’m not talking about quality of the structure. But OSU and U. Of Akron are gracious enough to allow fans (money spending fans at $35 per ticket) to use their suites, but not the NFL.
This is probably a volume issue as Benson does not have as many suites as OSU and UA have to offer, and the ones at Benson are probably reserved for OHSAA reps and OHSFCA members.

Originally Posted by Crimson and Black View Post
Leave it to the NFL. You can bet they have their greedy hands all over the rules and policies for these 7 games...It takes much more than a $150,000,000 building to do it right. There is a lot of arrogance in play here. One thing the Stark County group made sure of was they recognized what was important and how to take care of the the folks spending money. Getting in and out of Fawcett and PBTS during the championship weekend was not just tolerable but easy. All done by volunteers. I would love to see the cost of this years 7 games compared to the cost when both PBTS and Fawcett hosted the finals. Also, did walk up tickets ever cost $15 at PBTS or Fawcett or even at The Shoe last year? Again, this BS and making parking and fan convenience has the odor of the NFL all over it.
Seems you've already made up your mind that your experience is going to suck. Give it a chance.
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