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Originally Posted by bballlife89 View Post
I'm going to say this now... If the Princeton roster isn't dominant Idk what is....

Bazely had an NBA prospect summer
Hunter killed the summer circuit
O'neal was a dominant big man at every tournament
Pierce will be the best gmc utility player
Arron ward is a player that no one is talking about either

This squad is deep...has a player who will be in the NBA in 2 years
A big man that the gmc can't handle
And the best shooter in the gmc...hunter 1, oh and the 2nd best shooter is bazely.

Watch out gmc. I would be highly surprised if Princeton lost 1 gmc game. Moeller is the only close competition in southern ohio
First time poster letting us all "know what to expect" from the Vikes in 17-18--Bazely will not be in the NBA in 2 years--he will stand around in a 2-3 zone at Syracuse--other than Melo Anthony Syracuse players stay 4 years--most of us do agree Princeton is the team to beat in the GMC this year
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