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Originally Posted by Purple66 View Post
This is what happened on the refs over and back call.

[A] players throws the ball in to [B] player...[B player dribbles the ball near mid-court and throws ball to [c] player which is over mid-court. Before [B ]player can get over mid court [c] player throws it back to him and he catches it in the air and comes down with control of the ball and lands about a foot over mid court. The ref called over and back??????????????

Did the ref make the right call?
If B's last touch on the court was in the back court before he caught the ball, it's a back court violation. B isn't in the front court until he touches down.

Rule 4-35: "ART. 1 . . . The location of a player or nonplayer is determined by where the player is touching the floor as far as being:
a. Inbounds or out of bounds.
b. In the frontcourt or backcourt......

ART. 3 . . . The location of an airborne player with reference to the three factors of Article 1 is the same as at the time such player was last in contact with the floor...
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