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Originally Posted by Purple66 View Post
Is it over and back if a player catches the ball in the air and the lands on their side of the court?
I know AllSports has answered this - but you may (or may not ) find it helpful to know the 'why' of this - in addition to the straight answers.

Similar to a player who is throwing-in or has gone out of bounds during live ball play, a player must establish him/herself in bounds, or in this case - in the front court before he/she can legally touch the ball (assuming his/her team has control of the ball for front court). Both feet are required to be 'down' in order to establish this position. So in the case of a midair leap from back court to front - the player's feet were last established in the back court. He/she is technically in the back court until both feet touch down in the front court.

That makes the rest of the variables easy - which AllSports addresses in his three scenarios. Team control comes into play as well, as to whether or not a violation occurs. There is no team control on a jump ball tip or throw in (at least not for the purpose of a back court violation), so no back court violation can occur. There's also no team control once a shot is tried. So in the unlikely event a rebound bounces long and uncontrolled into the back court, even the shooting team would not be in violation of the back court rule if they first touch/gain control.
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