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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
If I was ambitious I bet I could find a whole bunch of guys who walked on and later became contributors to their teams.

But I don't see a downside to emphasizing a walk on program.
To the first part... absolutely you could. There are a few guys every year that make an impact as a walk-on. No one is debating this, but the odds of hitting on a walk are much, much less than the odds on hitting on a 4 or 5 star guy are.

^^That also addressed your second statement. sure, some time should be dedicated to walk ons. Pretty sure I saw a tweet that walk-on try outs at OSU are sometime this week. But why would they spend a lot of time/resources on walk-ons when they have a MUCH higher probability of finding impact guys within the scholarship athletes? It just makes no sense, man. If you think that's the key area where they need to improve.... I am seriously at a loss. Does Alabama have the best "walk-on program?"
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