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Originally Posted by WinstonSmith View Post
Maybe so, or maybe they got lucky with one guy.
Cal also got lucky with Hansen? If I was ambitious I bet I could find a whole bunch of guys who walked on and later became contributors to their teams.

It also seems to me that Ohio would be a very fertile place to exploit the "walk on" mentality. Think about all the under-recruited kids from places like the MAC or the other small rural schools all over the state (as an example, there are others). Think about every year having a bunch of them show up in the hopes of earning a spot. Sure, most will be gone within the week but how much effort would it take on the part of Ohio State to fully exploit the football raw material available in the State?

You could assign a graduate assistant to run the walk on program. The KEY would be that the entire STAFF would have to be open minded at EVERY position to the possibility that a walk on could compete. Maybe OSU already does this and they just need to get the story out better. But I don't see a downside to emphasizing a walk on program.
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