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Originally Posted by WinstonSmith View Post
I don't know guys, Meyer has stated many times he loves walk-ons, and Joe Burger got significant playing time this year at LB. You may be over-simplifying it. It's not like Clemson is known for finding guys like Renfroe, more like they just got lucky and the kid worked his tail off.
I get that but aside from Burger, whose playing time was limited to early season blowout games, how many walk on's have been awarded scholarships and at what positions? Just curious because I have heard coach Meyer praise walk on kids.

I read a story on Renfro and there's a video attached where the Clemson coach is holding a team meeting at the end of training camp and he presents two walk on kids (one being Renfro) scholarships. The "scholarships" are in envelopes and the whole thing, with their teammates cheering them on, was pretty cool.

Now maybe Ohio State does the same thing, but I've never seen it and one of the keys to it working is to make sure EVERYONE sees it.

Oh heck here's the video. If Ohio State isn't doing this they should start and if they're are doing it they should be letting the world know it:

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