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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
I don't think it's piling on so much as a desire to see an open competition for QB next year. There's a lot to admire about Barrett and there's no doubt that the guy has given his all for the Buckeyes. He is a natural leader and I suspect he has a fine coaching career ahead of him.

But after watching the bowl games and playoffs it's clear that there was something wrong with the Bucks downfield passing game. Sure, it may not be Barretts fault but an open QB competition will shed light on that. Coach Meyer has already made aggressive moves in coaching which is good but holding a real QB competition is in the Bucks best interest.

As an aside, I think that the wide receiver position should also be thrown wide open. I have a question for the Buckeye faithful - do you think a kid like Hunter Renfro from Clemson would ever have had a chance to step on the field at Ohio State? To me if you put 3 or 4 receivers on the field at least one of them better be a sure handed, precise route running, possession type of receiver. Who has that been for Ohio State the last couple of years?
I guess it goes to Meyer's offensive and coaching philosophy. When a man believes that he is an outstanding coach, it's easier to focus on the most outstanding raw athletes and assume you can mold them. 90 or so schollies doesn't hurt, either. You can miss on a few projects. I've heard stories from camps where a guy like EGW with flash and raw numbers can strut around in his Superman shirt and act like an idiot pumping himself up for beating a DB in a drill, and Urban will fawn all over him. Then a kid like old brian1227's hero Alex Alders - that only runs a 4.5 but can execute a better route than any HS kid, has all the intangibles, and the heart and will to excel - gets all but ignored. I'm betting Alex is 6'2, 215 or 220 now, still a 4.5, and exactly what a QB like Burrow would want in a possession receiver and in the middle of the field mixing with LBs. With Barrett, he would be a blocker.
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