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Originally Posted by madman View Post
I guess that might help if the athletes didn't understand it already or you felt they weren't already giving it their best, but I think most runners are painfully aware of the situation if they are the #4 and #5 runners. Putting additional focus on the desired outcome is probably the last thing I would do.
That's generally how I see it as well. The runners who care generally put enough pressure on themselves to perform. No need to create additional pressure. That's the approach I'd take with most kids.

However, if it's a case where the kid would benefit from having the situation simplified, it might be worth a "heart to heart." For example, the best kid I ever worked with would get freaked out when looking at a heat sheet and seeing anyone with a 1600 seed time within 15 seconds. I'd tell the kid, "I think you can finish in "x" place," and the kid would usually go out and do it. The placing was always way better than compared to the number of entrants whose seed times freaked the kid out.

If jakeburg is confident that there are only a couple teams out there that can deny his team a state berth, then it might be worth telling those 4 and 5 runners, "All you have to do is beat the #4 and #5 runners from 'teams X and Y.' Don't worry about anyone else."

When it comes to humans and especially HS kids, there is no one size fits all.
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