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Originally Posted by Cougarfan22 View Post
I think the point is that playing at a school with a state caliber program will enhance the opportunities for exposure to colleges. Example would be Manchester and their current athletes being recruited. Smaller school with a Good program and a couple of exceptional athletes = recruitment. But I will also say that their are athletes at Hoban who would not have D1 offers playing at most public schools in this area. Because of the programís exposure right now and success these players are being seen and recruited by incoming college coaches and being offered.
We tend to focus on the D1 players. And with respect to this upper tier talent, there is a lot of merit to both sides of the argument. If you are good enough they will find you. BUT they will find you more easily at a successful program. To me, though, when you look at the second level players, those who may not be getting D1 looks, those kids are MUCH more likely to be found by D2 and D3 schools at successful high school programs if for no other reason than there are a lot more college recruiters wandering the hallways of those successful programs.
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